How much does haptic vest cost?

Those interested in ordering the haptic vest can pre-order it on the pre-sale page of OwoGame, com. The vest interprets the volume and frequencies of the sound to produce an accompanying vibration throughout the vest, allowing it to function as a general-purpose noise vest for traditional PC or console games. According to the company, the vest uses an audio-to-haptic software device that allows users to feel feedback when listening to music, watching movies or playing a game. Throughout the discussion of future plans, Morgan also emphasized that Hardlight is committed to continuing to support all current vests in use today.

However, what I have decided is to wait because things like this become cheaper over time and more and more companies are investing in virtual reality technology that will make it competitive. A Spanish start-up company, OWO Game, created a product that can be enjoyed by any user, especially players, that provides visual to realistic immersion, through the new Haptic Vest. In addition to being a haptic vest, the Mark III comes with sensors that allow the position and orientation of a player's arms and torso to be tracked, something that can only be estimated approximately using only head and hand tracking. YMMV considering the cost, but I like to invest in technology like this because I LOVE VR and I want to do my part to make sure it becomes huge in the future.

When a variety of VR games support this vest, I'm sure to buy it, good for an even more immersive experience. That company continues to invest heavily in VR, much to the chagrin of some, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg aims to one day get one billion people to use virtual reality (or mixed reality) headsets on a regular basis. Hardlight has been working with the developers behind Sairento and other VR games to directly control the vest's 16 haptic units. I got a quick tour of the tools developers would use to create vibration patterns and was told that some developers could add basic haptic feedback after just one day of work.

Road to VR recently visited the Hardlight VR office in downtown Seattle to take a look at the new Mark III version of its haptic vest. Even though this Owo Game vest sounds exciting and scary at the same time, many players would like to try it with all their senses set to a safe level. As Extremetech states, the OWO haptic gaming vest does not yet have an official release date, however, the device is already available for pre-order. All electronic components of the vest are removable, making it easy to clean without fear of damaging the components.

However, if the feeling provided by the haptic vest can cause too much discomfort, users can reduce or even deactivate the severity of each sensation, so if they prefer their video games not to last, they can do so while still getting a deeper level of immersion with the vest.

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