Do gaming glasses actually help?

Gaming glasses can help reduce eye strain and other blue light effects caused by excessive screen time. Glasses that block blue light can also help promote a normal circadian rhythm and melatonin levels. This helps people fall asleep, stay asleep, and enjoy a more restful sleep. That's where gaming glasses come into play.

Multiple studies have shown that wearing glasses that block blue light for a few hours before bedtime prevented light-induced suppression of melatonin, significantly improved sleep quality, and therefore improved overall health. By providing a larger vision size and reducing blue light, gaming glasses help reduce eye fatigue when looking at screens. Your gaming glasses can improve your gaming experience by allowing you to keep up with your vision. When wearing gaming glasses, your eyes won't be as affected by the strong blue light and can help relieve some of the symptoms of CVS that you're already dealing with.

Players trust their eyes more than any other part of their body. Gaming glasses can eliminate glare, eye fatigue, and dry eyes, giving you an edge over the competition. In addition to protecting your eyes from the light of the digital display, gaming glasses are useful in any situation. If you use computer monitors for work or study, gaming glasses can be a big benefit.

Plus, they're more elegant than ever, making them the perfect accessory to make an impression. Gaming glasses usually have a slight magnification, which makes everything a little bigger without ruining the perfect, finely tuned resolutions of the screens. There's a genuine science behind blue light filtering, and some gaming glasses incorporate very realistic design features to pair well with other gaming accessories. Gaming glasses from different manufacturers promise to increase player performance by improving depth, color and contrast perception, and even increasing reaction time.

But do gaming glasses that incorporate a blue light filter improve your game, as most manufacturers claim? Gaming eyewear brands now often collaborate with esports leagues, teams, and game publishers to produce co-branded frames. Whether you're skeptical of gaming glasses or want more versatile style options, consider exploring standard blue light filter glasses before investing money in gaming glasses. These unique lenses look almost identical to the lenses found in regular glasses and filter blue light so you can play stress-free. Gaming glasses do a few things that can reduce eye strain and some of the other eye discomfort that video games (or any prolonged screen time) can cause.

But most players probably have as much total screen time in a week as competitive players, because many spend their workday on their laptops, take their breaks on their phone or tablet, and then turn on the gaming platform at night. If your work and hobbies place you in front of a digital screen for most of the day, gaming glasses are one way to mitigate the damage. Playing video games for long periods of time produces the same negative effects as any other activity involving a digital screen. Not only will gaming glasses optimize your experience in front of the monitor, but they can also help keep your eyes healthy throughout your life.

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